And all our dead can live again

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And All Our Dead Can Live Again is a functioning indoor greenhouse that highlights both the beauty and the struggle of urban agriculture in the contemporary post-industrial city. 


The greenhouse is geodesic, a dome-like structure made up of inset triangles, pentagons, and hexagons nodding to architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller, who believed in a future powered with renewable energy.

And All Our Dead Can Live Again processes food waste into soil via worms, starts seeds for gardens around Newark, NJ, and provides visitors with a natural retreat from the white box gallery space

After exhibiting, the dome will be used as an impermanent, movable structure to elongate the growing season in Newark, giving urban farmers a chance to grow more food per year.

And all our dead can live again was first shown at Index Art Center in Newark NJ for the exhibition LANDHOLDINGS curated by Colleen Gutwein.